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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can also check our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

1 - What exactly does "private purposes" mean?

Private purposes refer to using the purchased images on our website for personal enjoyment within your private space, such as your home. This means the images are meant for your own viewing and not intended for commercial use, resale, or public exhibition. For example, displaying the artwork in your living room is acceptable, but using it to decorate a public café or selling prints is not.

2 - Can I use these images as my desktop or phone wallpaper?

Yes, you are welcome to use the purchased images as wallpaper for your personal electronic devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This personal use aligns with our guidelines, allowing you to enjoy the art in your daily life without sharing it publicly or for commercial gain.

3 - Am I allowed to print the images for personal use?

You are allowed to print the images for personal display in your home or private office. This means you can frame and hang the artwork in your living spaces or personal workspace for your enjoyment. However, the printed images should not be used for commercial purposes or public display outside these private settings.

4 - Can I share these images on my personal social media accounts or with friends?

No, sharing the purchased images on social media platforms or any public forum is not permitted. You are not allowed to share them with friends or extended family members beyond the scope of your home and your immediate family members. This restriction helps protect the artwork from unauthorized use and distribution. You can still enjoy the art privately, but please respect the creator's rights by not posting it online. Feel free to refer anyone to our website so they can also purchase any copy of any digital art they might have liked.

5 - What do you mean by 'devices used by you' in the Terms and Conditions?

By 'devices used by you', we mean personal electronic devices that are owned and used by you or your immediate family members. This includes personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and digital displays within your home. The intent is to limit the use of the images to your personal environment, avoiding use on public or shared devices.

6 - Can I use these images in a presentation or video for a school project or work presentation?

You may use the images in academic or internal business presentations, provided the context is non-commercial and the audience is limited. For example, using an image in a school project or during an internal company meeting is acceptable. However, using the images in commercial presentations, external conferences, or in marketing materials is prohibited without a commercial license.

7 - What happens if I accidentally violate the Terms and Conditions?

If you realize you've accidentally violated our Terms and Conditions, please contact us immediately. We understand that mistakes can happen and will assess each situation on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to protect the integrity of our artwork while addressing your concerns.

8 - Can I receive a refund if I'm dissatisfied with the images?

We maintain a policy where all sales are considered final and cannot be refunded. We encourage customers to review the detailed previews and descriptions provided for each piece in our digital art collection carefully before making a purchase to ensure satisfaction.

9 - What should I do if I require the images for commercial use?

If you are interested in using the images for commercial purposes, please reach out to us directly. We offer commercial licensing options that might suit your needs. Discussing your specific requirements will help us provide the appropriate licensing agreement to legally use the images in a commercial context.

10 - Am I allowed to gift these digital images to someone?

Yes, you are permitted to purchase and gift these images to others. However, the recipient must be fully informed about the terms and conditions governing the use of these images. Please direct the receiver to our website to ensure they understand the proper usage and limitations associated with the gifted digital art.

11 - Will the images work with all devices and screens?

Each purchase includes one or more digital images, with specific details about the number of files and their resolutions outlined in the product description. Although direct modification of the images is not permitted, you are allowed to resize or crop them to fit your personal devices, ensuring compatibility across different screens and devices. Please make sure you understand the required resolutions to display or print your purchased images before purchasing them as we do not offer refunds.

12 - How soon will I receive the digital images after purchasing?

The digital images will be available for immediate download once your credit card payment has been successfully processed. Ensure your payment details are correct to avoid any delays in receiving your new digital art.

13 - What's the best method to display these images at home?

There are numerous ways to showcase your digital art at home effectively. Consider using digital frames, which come in various models and sizes, to display the images prominently. Smart TVs, like those from the Samsung The Frame series, are designed specifically for showcasing digital art and can be an excellent choice. Additionally, you can display the art on tablets, computer monitors, or kitchen screens, allowing you to enjoy your new artwork in various settings around your home.

14 - How frequently is new artwork added to the collection?

We continually update our collection with new digital art pieces over time. If you have particular needs or requests, please don't hesitate to contact us with your requests. We value your input and will consider your suggestions when expanding our offerings.

15 - How do I contact customer support if I encounter issues with my purchase?

If you experience any problems with your purchase, please contact us through our online contact form. Currently, we do not offer telephone support, but we are committed to assisting you promptly and efficiently through our digital channels.